iPhone 5 Rumors Fly in Wake of Privacy Concerns

The wires are on fire today with iPhone 5 rumors, Apple Insider shows a report from Engadget’s former editor in chief Joshua Topolsky, outlining some pretty major revelations. Beautiful graphic mock ups, just a ton of nerd candy, all couched within the fact that the guys early iPad 2 reports were off the charts wrong. Even going so far as calling for an SD card slot.

Smells like a diversion to me.

We have various publications and major news agencies reminding us that the currently hot story of the iPhone’s intrusion of privacy. Is not a new story, that in fact this was first discovered a few years ago and that there are books written about it. While other mediaphiles begin the spin of who benefits from this information. I’ll tell you who does not benefit from this information. The consumer that doesn’t know its there.

I understand that cellular companies and others have these records. I also understand that it usually takes a court order to get them. And when their retrieved its by procedure with chains of evidence and so forth. Not hacked out of your phone with a portable terminal on the side of the road, by the guy who pulled you over for a bad tail light.

Or by the thief that took your purse and decided you were kind of cute.

Apples in the hole with this. There’s no way to spin it. It’s not just privacy it’s security and  that information is dangerous in the wrong hands and they simply do not have the right to expose their customers to that kind of danger, even if they did sign the TOS.

We haven’t heard from Apple, but there’s a sudden uptake in marketing hype ? We aren’t getting a clear statement from regarding what exactly is going on and if they plan on changing it. But we are hearing how it isn’t such a big deal and that the consumer benifits from the data through various means. And that of course other companies are doing the same thing. Which I am sure will begin to prove out however that doesn’t make this breech of security and less hazardous.

It looks like a smoke screen.

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